Google Wave Robot :: Standard Commands

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Currently each programmer writing a bot for Google Wave is able to write whatever they want, sometimes providing support, but using their own, custom syntax. Having a set of commands which all (or many) bots implement would make the user experience far better, as users would then be able to easily find out how to use the bot, or where to find additional help.
e.g. /? //see /help /help //brings up a list of commands available /about //displays a summary of what this robot does /devsite //provides a link to the developer’s site /mode private //the bot’s responses are only shown to the person who invited it /mode public //everyone in the wave sees the bot’s responses

I’ve also made a summary of this post available on the Google Wave Bots site. Please can you post any responses to that site, as this will allow all communications to be kept in the same place.

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