PowerShell Script :: Combine-Paths

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When you wish to create paths based on various combinations of strings, the following accepts a root plus an array of arrays and returns all combinations:

function combine-paths([string]$root,[array]$paths)
    if(($paths -ne $null) -and ($paths.length -gt 0))
        [array]$roots = $paths | select -first 1
        [array]$tail = @($paths | select -skip 1) #@() used to prevent final array from becoming an array of strings instead of a single-element array containing an array of strings
        $roots | %{combine-paths -root (join-path $root $_) -paths $tail}

$x = ('PROD','UAT','SIT'),('SystemA','SystemB','SystemC'),'Interfaces',('In','Out')
combine-paths -root '\\myFileShare\' -paths $x

NB: If you had multiple roots you could do the following:

'c:\','\\somewhere' | %{combine-paths -root $_ -paths $x}

Or amend the function to become a cmdlet taking root from the pipeline to simplify the above further / or add logic to allow the root to be blank/unspecified and to just pass `$_` instead of `(join-path $root $_)` where root is blank/null.
I’ve not done that here in order to keep the code short & simple.


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