Proximity Alert (iPhone / Android App)

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This is an idea for an application for portable devices, such as The iPhone or devices running on the Android OS.
By taking advantage of features such as GPS and other technologies allowing you to find a user’s location, it should be possible to write an application which can sound an alarm when you come within a certain distance of a point.

Example Uses
When on a bus journey in unfamiliar territory, you often don’t know when you’re close to your stop. This alert would tell you to get ready to get off in time for you to make it.
When heading home on the train, late at night, you may fall asleep. Having an alert to wake you up in time to reorientate yourself, collect your belongings, and exit at your station could save countless taxi fares and embarrassing anecdotes.


  • Auto Default(s):
    • In certain conditions, the alert activates itself. An example may be after 11pm, when you’ve been in London, and you’re now following your normal route home (e.g. your location suggests you’re on the train, heading home).
    • Default location(s): The points at which your alerts should sound by default.
    • Default distance/time(s): The distance / time from the above points at which the alert should sound.
    • Default alert: Sound, Vibrate, or something else?
  • Time Sensor: Speed can be estimated by looking at the recent change in distance / time. This can be used along with the remaining distance to work out the ETA.
  • Periodic Check: To save on battery life, check the current position at intervals. Use the maximum possible speed to work out a suitable interval (e.g assume a top speed of 30mph if there’s only paths, or 120mph if there’s rail/roads between you and your destination).

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