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Most books about psychos focus on the negatives, but I’m sure there must be a yang to the yin; people with positive mental disorders. This idea came about from my own condition of “polite tourettes”; not a real condition, but a habit of saying words such as “cool” or “awesome” at random or awkward moments (which can be as bad as real tourettes if one of these words pops out just after someone says “my mum just died”)!
I haven’t started writing this book yet, since I haven’t got enough ideas to make it interesting, but I thought I’d pop it on here to see what people thought of the idea.
Other possible symptoms are:

  • People hear voices in their head telling them to make tea for people.
  • People who can get stuck holding a door open for days, never wanting to go in front of anyone else.
  • Not being able to eat whilst listening to someone else talk, as well as when talking yourself.
  • The inability to be negative about another person, regardless of what that person’s done.


  1. There may be more than one (possibly related) phenomenon here:
    1. Having an extremely low score for psychoticism on the Eysenck test – the “martyr complex” or in everyday, terms, “being a doormat”. I presume this is what got you thinking about it, since you have a low (though not extremely low) score. [Bullet point 4 would be this, and possibly 2]
    2. Being deeply conditioned by a society that values politeness or enforces rigid etiquette, eg, England or Japan. [BPs 2 and 3]
    3. Actually suffering from a psychotic or schizophrenic disorder, but the hallucinations happen to encourage altruism [BP 1 – does this actually happen to you?]
    4. Being a bit introverted or socially awkward, and finding a coping strategy which is socially acceptable in most cases, though occasionally inappropriate [Polite Tourettes]. Saying “cool” as a response to “my mum just died” is a variation on nervous laughter, which a lot of people do.

    Comment by Tom Bell — 2014-02-16 @ 16:07

    • I’ve not had voices in my head, but the other traits are exaggerated versions of things I’ve experienced or noticed in others; and I do sometimes have a compulsion to make tea.
      Good thoughts on the underlying conditions; should I ever write this book they’ll be good background info (given it’s been 5 years and I’d forgotten about this post though, I suspect the book may not happen…).

      Comment by Developer42 — 2014-02-16 @ 23:12

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